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Specialty Spray-on Bedliner Applications

Bidwell Truck spray-on Bedliners works great on boat hulls, boat decks and floors; it works great on boat trailers, seats, ramps, docks and rafts. Other marine applications include houseboats, flotation encasements, oar tips and swim decks. If you have marine equipment, or even commercial equipment, give Bidwell Truck a call at 530-894-5211 and talk to our sales staff about these spray-on bedliner specialty applications.

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Arma Coatings Spray-on Bedliners

The Arma Coatings heated application provides a tough, even-textured finish to your truck bed. Arma Coatings sets in seconds and cures quickly for use the same day. Arma Coatings is a better choice than drop-in liners and cold-spray applications.